Quarter 2 Career Exploration Workshop Signup

Families to College – Quarter 2 Career Exploration Workshops – April 16 to June 15

These workshops are for the whole family and are meant to encourage exploration of different career paths!

Sign up for a 9-week workshop by Friday, April 13!


Design Workshop – Amy Dion

You will get to work with various tools in visual arts and design. You will explore design styles, apply design principles and generate projects with your vision.

Theater Workshop – Zoe Built

You are the star of the show in this workshop where you will explore the world of theater through creative expression, character development, and making decisions. You will explore ways to express yourself physically and vocally through fun theater exercises.


Programming Workshop – Noah Halstead

You will be empowered by technology in this workshop where you will gain practical computing and programming experience that will prepare you for careers in technology and beyond.

Natural Science Workshop – Rob Albert

Using real world examples, you will learn to formulate questions that will enhance your exploration of the natural world. You will collect and use data to lead you on the path to finding some of the answers to your questions about the natural world.


Community Health Workshop – Carolyn Smith

You will look at how societal factors influence people’s health and wellbeing and will explore different ways of improving health and preventing disease. By exploring the relationship between health and the community you will learn how to be an advocate for good health in your community.

Art and Society Workshop – Connor Kealey

You will explore the multi-layered ways that art has created change and progress in our world. Gain an understanding of the place of art in reflecting, shaping and critiquing society.

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