• It is FREE to participate!
  • Family mentors
  • Families to College Campus Center, a dedicated community space
  • College visit experiences
  • College and financial aid planning
  • Tutoring and college entrance exam preparation
  • Career development and exploration days
  • Networking and community
  • Community service and volunteer opportunities
  • Fun family enrichment activities


  • Identify at least one goal for the family to be working towards.
  • Cooperate with Mentor in achieving goals set up in the family goal plan.
  • Attend minimum of one family event per month as a family.
  • Communicate with mentor a minimum 2 to 3 times a month.


Who can join?

Our voluntary enrollment initiative is offered free of charge to families with:

  • Two adults that are raising a family
  • At least one adult employed
  • One or more high school students
  • The motivation to formulate a self-identified goal of college attainment and career preparation


Fill out the interest form here and we will contact you!